I remember an old country house, where, when I was a child, I used to spend my summer holidays with my family.
The calm, the colours, the scents and flavours of nature of that times are still vivid in my mind and remain among the most beautiful memories of my childhood.
Today, that country house has become Podere Vigliano.
After a scrupulous renovation, considering the origins and the nature that surrounds it, what makes Podere Vigliano a very special place, are still that quite, those colours, scents and flavours of one of the places considered among the most beautiful in the world: the Chianti hills.
Surrounded by nature, in the geographical centre of Tuscany, between Siena and Firenze, Podere Vigliano not only offers the opportunity for its guests to enjoy its tranquillity and comfort that today characterize it, but also gives them the opportunity to visit some of the famous Tuscan cities that are
just a few miles away.

So I am glad to welcome you as protagonist of this unique experience: Podere Vigliano

Vigliano Manager
Matteo Paolini

Quiet,   colors, nature,  fragrance...




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